Online Marketing Strategies

Advertising costs a lot of money, but there is always a choice: prints, TV, radio, billboards, etc. The same goes for online advertising. There are many options to promote your products: website promotion in the top of search engines like Google, Google AdWords, contextual advertising, advertising on forums, social networks, ads on various forums, etc.

When you contact an advertising agency that is interested in long-term cooperation, you will always be told where to save money and how to advertise yourself better. But what if you want to do it alone?

Where and how can one promote a site?

  • The easiest and cheapest way is advertising on bulletin boards. By placing regular free advertisements on these sites (at least once a week), you can attract quite a decent number of people to your product.
  • You can also self-advertise yourself on all sorts of related forums, creating topics for discussion. If you have time, then there is an opportunity to save a few extra bucks. You can also create groups and pages on social networks. The main thing is to put a lot of effort into it, be consistent.
  • Write articles for other sites and insert links to your own sites into them. This can be done by copywriters, but you can do it yourself for free.

But what about paid options, are they more effective?

  • Paid advertising on sites has never been a cheap pleasure. But as a form of advertising – it is one of the most effective ways to promote a site. By placing your banner on various popular sites that are related to yours, you are going to attract a lot of customers that are already interested in the topic of your site.
  • A proper advertising campaign will require a certain budget. Google AdWords is one of the cheapest ways to advertise a site. You can do this, both independently and by ordering a service – promotion in Google AdWords or contextual advertising. You are basically paying for potential customers. You do not pay a monthly fee for promotion. Let’s say that you have $10, you yourself will choose the cost of each click. And the money will be detracted for every user that visits your site. You can advertise yourself once a week, once a month or every day. You are in charge.
  • Here’s a very important question which you should ask yourself right now. Which links do you click the most whenever you use a search engine? Well, of course, the first ones, it doesn’t matter if it is top 3 or top 5, the essence is the same. Everyone knows that when you search on Google, few people go further than TOP-15. The higher you rank is, the more customers you have. It is that simple. The budget for your advertising campaign will depend on the keywords for which you would like to be found. By high-frequency requests (for example: “furniture”) the budget can reach up to $400, depending on the subject. But don’t let that frighten you. Some customers are looking for goods by using low-frequency requests (for example: “furniture store Berlin”). Keywords like that are going to be a lot cheaper and perhaps just as effective.

Writing content

After creating a site, it’s time to fill it up with something. The content of a site can contain any form of information: text, photos, videos, emoticons, etc. Depending on the subject matter of a site, a choice is made on where should you come looking for information to fill it.

To write original content is not only a desire to stand out among all of your competitors but also an important task to promote a site. The more creativity was invested in a text, the more unique it is, the greater its chance of being “approved” by Google. Google does not tolerate plagiarism!

A website with articles directly copied from another resource (copy-paste), will not last for a long time in the index of search engines and will be banned or filtered. And it is not always possible to fix this. Not to mention copyright infringement and its consequences.