Best Times to Post on Social Media

You worked really hard on those social media posts for an upcoming campaign, but do you have any idea how many people will engage? Learning

the best times to post on social media is more than just turning a few clicks into a dozen. This data lets you understand your audience inside and out.

And if you think these best times to post are the same across networks–you’d be sorely mistaken. Audiences change per network and even with each unique industry. Managing these communities takes more knowledge than a few hunches.

That’s why it pays to fish where the fish are biting when publishing to social media. However, it’s important to know there’s no exact magical time of the day to solve your publishing problems. Most other similar reports just focus on one set time. But we think it’s better to work off a heat map of when users engage the most with brands.

We worked closely with Sprout Social’s Data Science team to pull this amazing information from our customers. Our data shows when Sprout customers’ networks were engaged with the most (and the least) across the major networks. This helps you visualize when our 25,000-plus customers see engagement.